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Sports Information Consultant 29+ yrs experience

Investing professionally for the last 15 yrs

Specializing in UFC NFL NCAAF

Background: 15 yrs Real Estate and Finance

I was in the financial industry for many years and in 2008 the markets crashed.  That's when I scaled down my business and started looking into sports investing more seriously. I knew there was a small percentage of people who did this for a living, so I thought to myself I can do this too! I was wagering on sports recreationally 10 yrs prior so I figured it could be a nice way to make a living.  It was NOT easy. -Early on there were a lot of trials, a lot of frustration, a lot of ups and downs, and a lot of sleepless nights, but I worked at it every single day.  It was tough but I finally figured it out and I've been doing this professionally for the last 15 yrs


I joined Twitter for news and entertainment back in 2017.  Then I saw a huge wagering community and also saw how many people were getting frustrated with sports wagering advisors promising the world. Many of them over-promising and severely under-delivering.  As a matter of fact, people were paying money to someone only to lose more money and many were getting scammed.  That's when I decided in November 2017 to help these folks,  so I started posting my plays and slips.  The response was wonderful, and people who tailed were cashing in! The photo gallery is just an example of some of the success that we enjoyed since my inception on the platform.

Just go to my Twitter page and see for yourself what they are saying about me.  As a matter of fact, I encourage you to ask any one of my followers or clients about their experiences with me and our success together.  Please see the reviews, you can learn a lot more about me.  

How I Can Help You

I am a bettor first and foremost.  Every single play that I put out, you better believe I'm going to bet it!  I have skin in this game just like you and I'm gonna put my money where my mouth is at! 

My Goal

The goal here is to win and make your investment  count, to make it a viable and smart decision on your part. Losing is not an option here.  


I take a calculative and selective approach to this so there may be days when we might have just 1 or 2 plays but believe me these plays will meet the criteria, to me its not gambling, its investing, it's a business.

What you get from me as your advisor is dedication and a commitment to winning.  I will answer all your questions and concerns. I will give you strategic planning and bankroll management advice. Sportsbook use and timing.

Speaking of timing, as you all know timing is very important. The market moves constantly, so we have to be quick to react and adjust. The best plan is the monthly or seasonal plan. With these plans u get plays when I play them and it could mean putting it up days in advance.  Getting it in good is extremely advantageous.  A half point here, one point there, can be the difference between winning and losing. 10 cents here, 20 cents there adds up over time.


65-75% of our plays will have lines better than the closing line.  As an example, see Super Bowl slips above.  Both times we got ours in good. For SB 53  I got Pats at a PK, as you know that line moved to Pats -2.5. In addition under 58.5 (see gallery), line closed 55.5.   For SB 52, Eagles +6 was the best line at open and I quickly secured  that number, that line ended at +3.5 at kick off. Not like it mattered for either game but in the long run, believe me, it does. The proof is there, I'm a sharp bettor

My business model

My business model is simple -  I bet for myself, I'm a professional bettor.  This is how I make my living and I been doing this successfully for many years, and now my doors are open so that you can join me.

Join Me

Join me and let me do the work for you!  All you got to do is put it up when I advise you to and watch your bankroll grow!
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