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Membership Terms and Conditions


No refunds, all sales are final, with no exceptions. Any and all information/data/emails/attachments/messages provided to the Named Subscriber (direct purchaser of subscription), is intended strictly for the use of that particular individual or entity to which it is addressed and contains information that is confidential, privileged, and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. You are hereby notified that any printing, copying, dissemination, distribution, disclosure, or forwarding of information/data by any method of communication including and not limited to emails, text, or direct messages.  Any and all communications are NOT to be shared or sold.  Sharing of information verbally or non-verbally, digitally communicated or handwritten, is strictly prohibited.  The information provided is intended for the sole use of the named subscriber and information sharing via any communication method is strictly prohibited.  Discovery of any such violation or failure to comply will result in automatic revocation/termination of membership/subscription without refund.     


If you are found selling or attempting to sell/commercialize for profit or offer for FREE my services and/or information, your membership will be terminated without a refund.  In addition, if you are found or we believe you are a sports information consultant -or- connected in any way related, or affiliated to any entity, individual person(s), company, organization, website, news/media outlet, Twitter account, or other social media account, in the business of selling/commercializing or offering sports information and predictions, your membership may be revoked without refund. 


Any negative behavior, comments, replies, trolling, use of gifs, pictures, videos, text, or defamation of any kind on any social media platform or email directed towards Wise may result in the termination of any and all subscriptions without refund, warning, or notice.  Any and all negative or harassing behavior by the subscriber/member that we deem or believe to be harmful to the business or reputation, and brand known as  "Wise", will be grounds for termination of their membership and subscription(s) without refund.  If we find, suspect, or simply believe that the subscriber is behind or responsible for such actions or behavior, direct or indirectly, the subscriber is NOT entitled to any refund, notice, proof, or explanation. 


The information provided is our intellectual property, therefore, we reserve the right to advise, consult, distribute, and offer information in whole or in part, that we deem fit for each individual subscriber. In addition, some members may be considered VIPs based on the relationship level, history, and rapport.  Clients in the VIP category will receive plays in a very timely manner. Non-VIP members may not be entitled to receive plays immediately and are without guarantees for the time of delivery.  You could be added or removed from the VIP List at any given time for any reason or no reason at all. We reserve the right to full discretion.


Do not proceed if you do not agree with the terms of use and conditions as laid out above and the DISCLAIMER below.  


This is NOT a gambling site. This website is a sports information service provider.  Subscriptions are sports, news, and commentary-based services which may include picks and predictions about the outcomes of sporting events.  This website does not take or place any bets or wagers from or on behalf of the subscriber.  Predictions of outcomes are not guaranteed and we are not responsible for any financial losses.  The site and its contents are for entertainment purposes only.  

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