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trust the process


Sports Information Consultant with 29 yrs of experience.  Specializing in NFL, CFB, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, UFC

Background: 15yrs Real Estate Finance

Hobbies: Traveling, culinary arts, and BBQ Grilling 

The process...

Just like you, I share an immense passion for the game.  My dedication to excellence and my respect for my clients fuel my drive to be the best in the industry. While mainstream media outlets such as ESPN satisfy the needs of most people, our members demand more. They require information and guidance that will give them a competitive edge in their sports endeavors. They seek a process that is guaranteed to make a positive impact on their season, and we deliver. At our service, we provide the most comprehensive and effective approach to help our members succeed in their sports goals. 

Our ​aim is to furnish our members with insights that are both comprehensive and profound.  We delve into matchups by employing analytics and formulas, combing through datasets to unearth advantages.  Our intuition, honed from decades of experience also plays a role.  We evaluate individual matchups in a football game, such as wide receiver versus defensive back, defensive end versus offensive tackle, linebacker versus tight end, etc.  We consider potential game strategies and coaching tendencies.  We formulate theories on game plans using historical statistics, coaching habits, and current roster management.  We monitor injuries, potential substitutes, and how these changes might alter a team's outlook or strategy.  Additionally, we analyze how the opposition might respond and adapt. 


​We'll review fighter training camps, whose been hired to be a part of that camp, and the quality of the trainers.  We'll even go as far as looking into an athlete's social media to see what they are doing on and off the field, in and out of the octagon, and how that could have an impact.  Whatever it takes to gain as much information as possible to give us that edge.

​We factor in strength of schedule.  We'll look at the weather and playing conditions.  We'll look into the officiating crew and see how that will impact the outcome of the game and which team will benefit from one particular officiating crew.

We'll keep our ears open for the earliest of rumors to see which one has any validity or is useless. The bottom line is we stay alert and aware of all things that may have an effect on the game's outcome.  We take everything into consideration then factor in the most important thing which are pricing and odds.  That is where the battle is won.  We do all of this so that you can beat the odds.


Speaking of odds, timing and getting the right number cannot be overlooked.  As a matter of fact, it's just as important if not more important than what's been mentioned above.  Therefore, timing and when we take our positions, whether that be early in the week or 5 minutes before kickoff are key.  Anticipation of line movements and getting it in good can be the difference between winning and losing. 

Whatever it is that you are searching for and need to know, that's where I come in to provide you with all the relevant information to help you take up smarter positions.  Ask me anything, and I will provide you with a direct response.

This membership/service provides you with what the major media outlets don't.  The information that the majority of sports fans comes in the form of generalities.  We get into the numbers, pricing, odds, what to get down, how much to get down, how soon we take up positions, how long do we wait, when to add more, when to middle.  Anticipation and timing are crucial.  With our guidance, our clients are empowered to make well-informed decisions.  We take pride in delivering the most relevant and useful information to help our clients succeed.  Don't settle for mediocrity - join us today and experience the difference for yourself.  Join me and let's work together to help you beat the odds and grow your BRs.


Looking forward to working with you!

Please allow 24 hrs for a response.  Thank you!

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