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Serving sports fans since 2018.  Get up to the minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights, rumors, analytics, and commentary for NFL, CFB, MLB, UFC, and more.
 I take a direct and straightforward approach. No nonsense, no unnecessary chatter, just information that matters. 


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Sports information consultant

21+ yrs experience

Specializing in UFC NFL NCAAF

Real Estate and Finance Background 

Love to cook and BBQ

"I've come to know many of you through the years. It's not just the sports chats; I've come to know many of you through other matters of importance such as your personal life (your experiences, where you're from, where you've been, where you're going, your goals and aspirations).  To know you better and understand why you've come here to join me is very important to me. Hence, I have been privileged to know many of you on a more personal level and I hope to continue these relationships."

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How I Can

Help You

Just like you, I am a huge sports fan, but not like any other regular sports fan.  The majority of people get all they need or want to know from major media outlets such as ESPN.  Our members want much more and want to go deeper.  

The goal here is to provide our members with information that goes farther, deeper, and beyond.  We provide deep-dive analytics into matchups.  One-on-one matchups between contestants in a boxing or ufc bout.  Individual matchups in a football game such as wide out vs defensive back, defensive end vs outside tackle, linebacker vs tight end, etc.  

We take a look at game plans, and coaching advantages.  We try to look at what is the likely game plan one team will use vs another based on historical statistics and management of current rosters.  We cover injuries and whose likely to be the replacement and how that matchup changes the outlook or game plan for a team.  And how a team may counter-react or plan.

We'll go into the personal lives of the athletes to see how that may affect their upcoming performance.  If for example, one athlete just had a baby or some life-changing event, we'll look to see if that will be a benefit or disadvantage. 

We'll review the training camps, whose been hired to be a part of that camp and the quality of the trainers.  We'll even go as far as looking into the athlete's social media to see what they are doing on and off the field and how that could have an impact.

We'll take a look at the weather and playing conditions.  We will even go as far as looking into the officiating crew or referee and how his or her tendencies will impact the outcome of the game.  

We'll even take a look at the earliest of rumors to see which one has any validity or is useless.  Some of you want to know who your favorite sports team will draft in the first round, trade rumors, etc. 

Whatever it is that you are searching for and need to know, that's where I come in to provide you with all the relevant information.  You can ask me anything, and I will provide each and everyone one of my members with a direct response which can include a one on one discussion.  

This membership/service provides you with what the major media outlets don't.  The information that the majority of sports fans get from the likes of ESPN come in the form of generalities.  We take a much deeper in-depth look and go into the specifics and all of it is presented in a very comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner.  

When you talk about sports, will you be talking about things that everyone else already knows?  Be the expert and speak of things that will make you the most knowledgeable person in the group. 


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