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2019-2020 SZN

2019-2020 NFL/NCAAF

2019-2020 NFL-NCAAF REC.jpg

Season recap 

The primary objective is to generate and maintain a consistent profit throughout the regular season. This approach enables us to take more significant shots towards the end of the season with the house money. I have been employing this strategy throughout my career, and it has been working well for me. However, there was a drop in performance towards the end of the previous season. We placed some significant bets that did not go our way, resulting in significant swings. A 5 unit play alone resulted in a 10.5u swing, a 7u play caused a 14.7u swing, and a 10u play caused a 21u swing. Had these bets resulted in more wins, we would have had another fantastic season. The reality is, we cannot always win, but we still put ourselves in an excellent position, and we had our chances.


I am a sincere person, and I conduct my business transparently. I answer every question and treat everyone with respect and courtesy. I work tirelessly to find an edge and give us the best possible chance of winning. Additionally, I go the extra mile by purchasing physical tickets instead of placing bets online, proving that my money is also on the line. This differentiates me from others who only show computer-generated slips or use pay-per-head accounts with no real money involved. I provide evidence of my legitimacy with pictures of the tickets, cash, counter, and register displays, among others. I have skin in the game, and I am in the trenches with you shoulder to shoulder.


My approach to business aims to build long-lasting relationships with my clients based on honesty, transparency, accountability, and respect. I always put my money on the counter with yours, proving that I am invested in this endeavor. Below, you will find a record of all the plays made during the NFL and CFB seasons. Although I am not particularly proud of it, it is transparent, and it is what matters.


I have come to know many of you through our shared experiences, both good and bad. In addition to sports, I have learned about your personal lives, where you come from, where you have been, and where you are going. Understanding why you joined me in this endeavor is essential to me, and I am privileged to have gotten to know many of you on a personal level. I look forward to continuing these relationships in the future. I have no doubt that the next season will be a big one, and I am excited to take on the challenge. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.





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