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2019-2020 SZN

2019-2020 NFL/NCAAF

2019-2020 NFL-NCAAF REC.jpg

Season recap 

The goal is to build and maintain a steady profit during the regular season so that we may push harder late in the season with house money.  This is what I typically do and it has worked well for me throughout the course of my career. Unfortunately, there was a drop-off late in the season.  We took some big swings that went against us - a 5 unit play by itself is a 10.5u swing, a 7u play results in a 14.7u swing, a 10u play is a 21u swing so on and so forth and we had that towards season's end as evidenced by the graph.  Had these plays resulted in more Ws, we would've had ourselves another spectacular season. The reality is we can't crush every season but we definitely put ourselves in a great position and we had our chances. 

Many of you know that everything I do is always done in earnest. An example is this message. I don't have to address this but I do, I don't have to graph it but I did, I don't have to detail plays but it's done.  More noteworthy is how I conduct my business throughout the years.  I respond to each and every single question, I treat everyone with respect and courtesy.  I work innumerable hours,  working hard to find an edge and get us in good.  In addition, I will go as far as getting tickets when placing it online (through an app/website) would be much more convenient.  Instead, I'll put in the extra effort to prove to you that my money is on the line and that we are in this battle together.  I also do it to separate myself from the other guys out there who have nothing invested.  To separate me from the guys who will only show computer slips (occasionally), to mislead people into thinking they have lots of money at risk.  Many of them will use pay-per-head accounts with no real money involved which is why I prove my legitimacy with pics of the tickets, the cash, the counter, the register displays, etc.  Skin in the game; money where my mouth is at, in the trenches shoulder to shoulder with you. 


The way I go about my business is done in an effort to promote long-lasting relationships with my clients through honesty, transparency, accountability, respect, AND always putting my money on the counter with yours.   Below you will see an account of all the plays made during the NFL and CFB seasons combined. It's not something that I am not too proud of - even though it's still a winning football season - but it is transparent and it is what's important. 


I've come to know many of you through the ups and downs that we endured together. In addition it's not just the sports chats; I've come to know many of you through other matters of importance such as your personal life (your experiences, where you're from, where you've been, where you're going, your goals, and aspirations). 

To know you better and understand why you've come here to join me in this endeavor is very important to me. Hence, I have been privileged to know many of you on a more personal level and I hope to continue these relationships. I have no doubt the next season is going to be what we are normally accustomed to which is a regression to the norm and that means a BIG season ahead! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 





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